Chess Pieces Monster

You srastet buduyuschy player? How often do we collect chess pieces on the floor, when we remove the child. So beautiful, this chess piece and throw it sorry for lying … Often it happens?. I suggest not to throw a nice figure, but think of her new life. Of chess pieces, it can be funny and original toys. Here's an example of dolls made by their hands from chess. If you were lucky and got a pawn in the hands of a round head, it can be cat, gluing ears from felt or construction paper and a tail from a piece of fur.

Figure rasskraste gouache and lacquer coat. To 'cut' head boats necessarily need a hat. . If you have a plan for a great lady, a good sew hat hair of wool yarn. From the 'elephant' with a sharp head can get great snow maiden, and can clown a peaked hat.

Be creative! Monster Monster with his hands in a child's life. Many parents are against Western cartoons, comics. Aggression, horror … And remember tales Arina … 'Daddy, Daddy! Our network brought back the dead! .. ' Children's body just needed dose of horror stories. Here, no such monster nanesesh injured child psyche. Laugh, rejoice, play could have done such a monster! Make a wire frame. Attach neatly on the lid. (Promazhte sealer or waterproof adhesive sites of contact with the cover frame, with venutrenney side). On the inside cover stororne threaded plasticine relief images. Mold (using the frame-bar), a monster, a monster, a mermaid on the cover. In the jar, pour clean water, add a few glitsirin drops of vodka, throw ten sequins. Screw the lid tightly and turn the jar up with a monster down. Glycerol was added to glitter when shaken slowly circling in the water and vodka, to avoid water mutnela. DIY workshop. Literacy campaign homemade

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