Cross Trainer

Since May 2010, everyone in the staff training lounge STEP UP in Munich-Haidhausen of Freecross can try out and experience. The personnel training lounge STEP UP in Munich offers its customers the latest fitness trend: since May 2010, there are Freecross – the mobile Cross Trainer made in Germany – and since May 2010 there are Freecross at STEP UP. This is not only more effective and joint-gentle cardio training, but also much more fun. What is Freecross? Everyone is familiar with cross-trainers. These devices have catapulted in fitness studios at the top of the most popular training devices in the cardio area. And rightfully so: the simultaneous use of arms and legs, the Crosstrainer is effective and easy on the joints by the movement. But cross trainers have one major drawback: it can be used only indoors: at home in the basement or just in front of the monitor in the gym.

Not the most beautiful view in Nice weather. But now there is the solution, which combines the advantages of the Cross Trainer with the mobility of the bicycle: Freecross! The Freecross makes the Crosstrainer mobile and roadworthy: on three wheels can by nature sure athletic whiz and lay his workouts outdoors. Joint gently and effectively the whole body is trained with a 25% higher energy consumption than at same speed on a bicycle. But Freecross is not just a sports equipment: Freecross is pure fun! It is directed by dynamic weight shifting. Considering himself practically in the curves. For an adrenalin and endorphin thrust is taken care of.

The first Freecross units were delivered in May 2010 and since May 2010 is also the first Freecross in Munich and in the staff training lounge STEP UP ( in Munich-Haidhausen. There, the Freecross is used for the cardio. As a result, the cardio workout is easy on the joints and most customers would no longer stop the exercise. Rouse themselves to the training was yesterday today it means to force themselves to stop. But not only in the personal training you can meet Freccross. STEP UP offers the Freecross devices also for rent. Thus, the stem fair appearance in the beer garden is secured.

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