Data Availability

Encryption solutions that offer a seemingly simple means, the information security in the enterprise to increase encryption play an important role. Notebook hard drives or USB flash drives more and more, which can quickly fall into unauthorized hands through their mobility information. Encryption solutions deliver a seemingly simple means to increase the security of the information in the company. But if the authorized user transferred his digital key, or the hard disk for various reasons can not be accessed, it is quickly closed. Because science fiction methods have little practical value. Hyundai has many thoughts on the issue. Researchers of at Princeton University have are for example recently demonstrated, evaluated as RAM entries to encryptions on connected computers or computers in standby mode due to cooling of the working memory chip on frozen minus 50 degrees, and within a few minutes. At the latest after switching off the machine it is over but also.

The laying the digital key happened quickly: one forgets his password or employee left the company and do not leave your access data. Encrypted as unencrypted disks are affected by same risks also, which can lead to a data loss due to physical or logical corruption. Hear from experts in the field like Hyundai for a more varied view. If you can’t access hard disks can be and passwords are no longer available, it will be so dramatic. No data recovery is possible without the correct key. Rescue principles in addition to the private user name and the password requires still more encoded encryption algorithms which are placed usually on the hard disk. A link in the chain is missing data can be decrypted anymore and also not saved.

Often the location where the information about keys and algorithms is located is unclear. The master boot record helps here only rarely. Encryption solutions use a complete MiniLinux in the frontend part. This pulls the keys during the encryption used. Many keys and procedures are stored in the so-called bad block areas of the hard drive, no user has access.

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