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fairvesta is with lumis Fund fully in vogue Tubingen / 27.05.2010. It is of real estate experts Lieselotte Geiger, that a status quo report on the region of real estate on the Costa Blanca in the light of the general development of real estate in Spain is published a year. More about their qualifications and their sphere under. The 250-kilometre stretch of coast between the southern region of Valencia and the province of Alicante is understood as Costa Blanca. Altea, Calpe, Moraira, Javae and Denia are among the better-known upscale locations. Benidorm – a city that like is called because of its skyscrapers New York of Spain is known but less beautiful. The Spanish market and the Spanish economy still have problems. Unemployment is high, the prices of real estate at a low level.

But it is clear and is in the market analysis of Lieselotte Geiger also worked out, that few can decide on top or flop of a real estate and that there is a major difference is between the construction sins of the past decade and selected objects in unique places. Where there is real estate, which seem to be immune to this trend. How real estate Bellevue recently in a special reported, is the old adage of location, location, location “today as important as ever and ever.” This real estate in separate and rare locations have proven more resistant in the past against market fluctuations and even today this can be observed. “This coincides also with the assessment of Engel & Volkers, whereby objects with more than one million euros from the crisis are affected. But other trends are very interesting: then belongs to the development of the Spanish real estate market from 1996 to 2006, to the fastest-growing in whole Europe fell from 2007 to 2010 the number of new buildings by more than 60 percent. The range adjusts accordingly to demand, which means rising prices as a result. In addition, the banks have forced thousands of real estate units on their, Books had to take, now much sold, so that from this page little more influence on the Spanish real estate market can be expected.

The demand for high-class real estate still exists and the offer of these objects is much scarcer than the rest of the market “according to the study. In fact, get objects in this price segment typically other reasons on the market “, explains Otmar Knoll of Tubingen fairvesta. In this price segment, there would be no concessions normally, yet which have are currently or implement other bargains, according to the study. This applies in particular to buyers who can access with equity. The hour of the buyer”this leads also to the Bellevue and describes the market fairly closely. In fact, there are reasons other than the desolate Spanish real estate sector, which allow us to get cheaper to top real estate used “, explains the real estate professional Knoll. Then there are rather personal reasons and necessarily pending revitalization of objects for that age no longer exists, the power lead to the sale request. This one was prepared in the light of the difficult market environment to smear “, so Knoll.” Its currently in the placement funds of lumis”, which specifically invests in such high class real estate, is the right time-to-market Knoll anyway. There’s hardly a better time to realize top real estate within the meaning of the Fund shareholders with high yield potential in the resale. A business concept, in which fairvesta evidently knows for many years. More information under:

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