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Commercial Real Estate, Land, Extension Options

There at the site of portfolio management and asset management? Real estate investments are not a self runner today. This means that a cyclical upturn and rising GDP growth rates not more inevitably also lead to a rising demand for commercial real estate and falling vacancy rates. It is no longer sufficient to rent only […]

Fund Market

fairvesta is with lumis Fund fully in vogue Tubingen / 27.05.2010. It is of real estate experts Lieselotte Geiger, that a status quo report on the region of real estate on the Costa Blanca in the light of the general development of real estate in Spain is published a year. More about their qualifications and […]

Target Purchase Starts

zielkauf.info – which launches target purchase housing association EC Genobau on July 15, 2010 with the launch of the target purchase concept to the realisation of housing. After two years of preparation, the Genobau target purchase housing association EC was approved in June 2010 with the target purchase concept in Bavaria. The idea of the […]