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Thomas Erren were evaluated 30 studies from around the world on the topic of shift work and cancer. You have come to the conclusion: female flight personnel a 70 percent higher risk of breast cancer. Their male counterparts get 40 percent more prostate cancer.” Also in shift workers and nursing staff in hospitals and homes, similar cases of cancer have been reported 7. Conclusion in this paper could be made aware on some of the problems of the KLL. To address other issues that go hand in hand with this lamp types, would have far exceeded the scope of this article.It was never about excessive hysteria or fear-mongering to operate. Kompaktleuchtsofflampen, just like their big brothers have their raison d ‘ etre the fluorescent tubes, and are an important type of lamp by many.

But it comes to exercise legitimate criticism of a lamp and a ban, which restricts the freedom of over 500 million in a massive way. On criticism of the ban with the comment to respond, it would be Yes adequate replacement available, is considered the legitimate fear and criticism of many people in the ridiculous. Access the information stored: 1 German Environmental aid: incandescent exit. Deutsche Umwelthilfe sees urgent need for action. Link: 2610 + M51737d05ab9.html 2 Unweltbundesamt.

Frequently asked questions about the energy-saving lamp. Link: energie/licht/hgf.htm 3 magazine fact. China’s workers pay the price. Link: wFactum_de/..Chinas_Arbeiter.php 4 mirror Print Edition 11/2011 by the 14.03.2011 5 Erconomic Institute, Institute for labour and social research, Berlin. “Dr. Ahmet c: energy-saving bulbs are as environmentally friendly?”../energiesparlampen_und_oekologie.pdf 6 was 7 from book lying light, Thomas Worm & Claudia Karstedt Note: come either from Fotolia images and have been purchased by the author for the unlimited use or Wikipedia and susceptible of the Creative Commons license. Further information and contacts: Accende – light to the life of light bulbs, Kohlenfadenlampen, industrial and textile cable represented by: Raphael Ott, Zurich

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