James Douglas Morrison

In my case, as an inhabitant of this planet, predator of nature, ordinary citizen who lives in a country of shadows on the face of the Earth and across borders, can I or not give Obama the benefit of the doubt little not even a bit to USA, because you ware them in the Wild On World of fossil fuels, household and cosmetics, abundant food and disposable supplies, the world is an invitation to de facto through the media waste, material and economic cruelty to enjoy in a capitalism of luxury our debt and poverty of others, and there is not a fair means of human equality, the planet is rotating on the shaft of his cosmic translation and our earthly alienation with undermined nature and a citizen that’s so common and current identifies it with a being alien to his own human condition, a collateral damage by remedial and surgically sacrificable. When Barack Hussein Obama wants to take distance of what USA has done in the world and on the face of the Earth, the brotherhood of his speeches begins in childhood, develops in its adolescence and is set to experience a youth who has been projected as the salvaguardadora of a hope that is handed out happy and juvenile hand over fist and now deals with obscene ageing of sadness to empty hands, because to President Obama are you haired head, him has hardened the face and has been frozen smile. If Noam Chomsky the capitalist world is populated by a few prosperous, many discontented in the globalization of the economy, then we can locate and identify where the estupidizados glad and sad frustrated, which is the non Aristotelian golden mean and Yes Salomon to get away from the past, standing in the present and projected into the future of a rapacious Eagle and spatula to take with their claws and rip apart with his beak, imperial flying between heaven and Earth, every living creature to be shredded, swallowed and regurgitado in the elevated nests where chicks, restless and hungry, await their ration of food of a depredada nature, and about to be devoured by the fire that begins to encircle it. USA, Mexico and Latin America do should be seen as a balanced and harmonious continent where USA is the dictatorships which has imposed military who made so much human damage, and today these militarized countries have passed to civilian Governments with an identity forged and claimed through the voting citizen, when at the same time, Colombia and Mexico, will have militarized OS pretext of combating drug trafficking and terrorism with the tactics and strategy of the territorialization and the? occupation of USA? Only the most optimistic of the advertising marketing of fixed deadlines hope and happiness in a timeshare condo would have believe in American peace, and when I seek in the poems by the American poet Walt Whitman and James Douglas Morrison, I reencounter with myself: there was never another beginning now, or more youth or old age than the now, and there will never be another perfection now, nor more heaven or hell that these now. Jackal, escoltamos the trail of survivors of the caravans.We collect bloody harvests of the fields of battle.Our Skinny bellies are absent of any body corpse.Hunger leads us up to the fragrance of the wind.Foreigner, traveller, carefully observed our eyes and translates the horrible old dogs barking.

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