Kimplayer Media Players

Personal computers have long been transformed from a digital typewriters in these 'monsters' multimedia. And if still more recently show full-length movies on the PC was not very convenient and qualitative Action, with the advent of DVD and Blu-Ray, LCD and LED displays with the highest resolution, as well as broadband Internet, watching movies at home on your computer, although it looks a little corny, but the quality of picture and sound is not inferior to more traditional methods. The hero of our new survey – one of the most popular free media players – Kmplayer. Version of the program being tested: 2.9.4 build 1437 Immediately it should be noted the absolute free program, which is important among players with professional features, in contrast to the same Cyberlink PowerDVD. 1. Stability during its use, we reproduced quite different files in various formats from Mp3 320 Kbps, up to Full HD video in resolution of 1080p, with no 'hang' and the brake was not observed, rewind worked well.

And although it is worth noting that the performance of such programs often depends on the 'iron', the program code optimized, it is through this critical errors were detected. 2. Interface Interface Kmplayer outwardly no different from many similar programs. Everything is made easy and understandable to any function provided easy access through context menu. Of particular note nice overview of recently played files and flipping through album art CoverFlow. 3. Supported file formats to support popular formats in Kmplayer no equal and it's not a huge set read extensions.

Feature of the program is built in support for popular codecs, which allows an individual to forget to install packages with tic K-Lite. So you get playback of all the existing formats video and audio with player Kmplayer of 'the box'. Conclusion: To conclude our brief review is to say about your competitors. There are not many, because most of these players are paid and a decent amount of money (that for Russia and the CIS, however, is not a problem) or do not have a similar functionality, less stable, or even raw, and in beta testing. Download media players, DVD or Blu-ray you can always in the relevant section: Players. Download the software free of charge and without registration, you can always at our site.

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