Legitimate Software Market Will Grow

In Russia, as everywhere, there is growth in sales of licensed software. If in 2005 the it market was approximately $ 13.5 billion, in 2007 the amount grew to $ 18.7 billion, of which not less than 10% is legitimate software. Sales growth licensed software due to several key factors. First, of course, is a successful systematic fight against pirates, which each year gives more meaningful results. If three years ago, Russia in terms of equated piracy in China, now the situation has changed dramatically – the level of piracy in Russia is approaching the level in European countries. We can already note a qualitative change in the form of pirate distribution of software – piracy goes into the "underground" to find the distribution of unlicensed products is now much more difficult, that certainly complicates its purchase. First of all, the tightening of state control and, in particular, law enforcement agencies – linked to Russia's desire to join the wto, which seeks tougher sanctions against violators of copyright. Secondly, flexible pricing software manufacturers.

In First of all, here is a question of when the various editions of programs with different price categories (and, consequently, with different capabilities), as well as reducing the total cost to legitimate software. The buyer appears the best choice for him value for the program and set its member functions. This applies both to manufacturing and to a home licensed software, which has recently spread time, software companies (both Russian and foreign) paid much attention. It is connected with a truly impressive rate of growth of retail sales of licensed software – 30-40% per year. The most popular license software in retail sales are as follows: anti-virus software, OEM-versions of operating systems (primarily due to preset their new PCs and laptops), software for mobile devices. According to the latest it must be said that the growth of their sales is much higher and, according to analysts, will continue to grow. Despite the rapid growth in retail sales, the main consumers of licensed software has been and remains today corporate users.

The main reason here is the threat of penalties for using pirated versions of software. Responsibility for it provides both administrative and professional laws of our country. Certainly, the threat of punishment exists for ordinary citizens, but the probability that the checks will come home with much lower probability that check any company. As practice shows, after similar "Punitive raids" by law enforcement agencies 90% of companies moving to legitimate software. Also quite a big reason companies move to the licensed software is to cooperate with foreign partners, that the award of contracts required licenses and certificates for all used by the software. Third, the awareness of citizens. Experts note that the society becomes more civilized and often selects the licensed software, realizing that, despite the difference in price, it is more reliable than a pirate. In addition, many licensed products is possible updates. That allows you to have the latest version program. Also important is the expansion of the range of related services provided by licensed software developers, which include: technical support, consulting and training. For many users, it is obvious that buying licensed software, they pay for the work of programmers, that is beneficial to the development of it business.

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