Movable Marketing

Movable marketing is all type of promotion of a mark or service through cellular. The possibilities are several: from numbers of which the user can unload contained (gratuitous payments or), messages of promotional text, or to content in format wap. Within this concept is the use of the moving body through the Bidis (a species of bar codes, that allows to unload contents, and to realise purchases online, among another type of commandos). The segment that has grown in the last time more is the content in format wap. She happens that more and more people use her moving body to connect themselves to Internet, as networks HDSPA and 3G extend by everybody.

Without doubts, this is the possibility that allows to major creativity at the time of raising marketing strategies. He is advisable to analyze a little how it is used and when movable Internet is used. You are hoping to renew his driver’s license. He ahead has a row of one hour of delay. What does? It removes his moving body and it sails a little to spend the short while, or in a trip length, or when it has time to waste; all situations in which it is sailed by pleasing, to try how it is, or because it does not have anything better than to do. If its moving body allows it, and you have the habit to work in the cloud, that is to say with all documents kept in a remote lease, perhaps she is dedicated to see that new list of costs that finish to him sending of their work. But, basically, navigation through moving body is by pleasing, and that is the vein that, who it looks for to make marketing movable, must be operated. A paradigmatic case, for being perhaps pioneering in which to movable marketing one talks about, he is the one of the launching of Peugeot 3008 in Spain.

The campaign was centered in a mass operation of movable marketing, with the launching of new vestibules wap, and the launching to all the moving bodies of the catalogue of the car. The motto was is no better announcement of a car that the car in itself. The novel thing, was that the movable support was not accessory, since has happened with many marks, that they center its campaigns of marketing in other traditional formats, as the written press, or the television. In the case of Peugeot 3008 the same axis of the campaign was put in the Wap contents. And the success was resonant. This it can be the beginning of the way towards the firmest development of this new channel, that can be including within marketing online. But the really novel thing, is that these new emprendimientos are endorsed by the address of the great players of the market, like Google, that has realised great bets to the market of the technology online. It is enough to mention the development of the operating system Android, and the launching of his own moving body, marking the beginning of Google like manufacturer of cellular apparatuses. Why create you who the Android is a reality, whereas the operating system Chrome is made wish until next year?

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