Supreme Environmental Council

The garbage crisis: the mountains of rubbish in Russia and China in a report prepared by for the meeting of the Supreme Environmental Council of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology are altogether disappointing data on that volume of untreated and uncleared waste Russia annually grow, increasing in the last ten years by 16%. The paper notes that currently in Russia has accumulated more than 84 million tons of toxic waste, including waste and electroplating waste containing mercury and hlororganiku. Most of waste accumulated in the Volga Federal District (on average more than 400 tons per square kilometer). High levels of contamination by toxic waste in the South (267 tons per square kilometer) and Central (211 tons per square kilometer) Federal District. Sadly more and that cost-effective technical solutions for waste management and disposal of toxic wastes do not apply. Processing technology is often based on the method of thermal degradation, the use of which has a negative impact on the air.

C garbage crisis facing and the Chinese capital – Beijing is already unable to cope with huge amount of waste produced pekintsy. Today in Beijing every day thrown 18.4 thousand tons of debris, and 32 municipal waste treatment companies are able to deal with only 10.4 thousand tons waste. As a result, in the Chinese capital could again be a situation observed in the 80's of last century, when the city was surrounded by piles of waste. Every year the amount of garbage produced is increased by 8% – is due mainly turn, increase the standard of living capital, the increasing affordability of citizens.

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