The Internet

In this way you can sell you as a brand, even if it may be something funny sounds. Main thing is, it works, or? Personal branding is a very well functioning and current marketing method. Give you of course, be helpful and humane. You don’t immediately have ready an answer for everything, however, your customer should be a competent Impression of you have. Arrogance and the like are totally misplaced, but it is clear.

Be patient with your prospects, in the long term they will thank you. Should the described option 1 to tell you, you can generate more contacts and build up a good connection to your customers. If you also have videos on Facebook, or your Web page / blog tie up, or they send fully automated with an autoresponder, your customers will have the feeling to know you already well. You build up trust and this is really important! This is the precursor to sell products on the Internet.You will find quite a few customers who are happy to meet you, resulting re-buys. Your customers will visit your website regularly and repeatedly buy something from you on the Internet. However you should check every day your Facebook fan page. Take every day a few minutes time and check that nobody has posted you unwanted content on your page. Or get someone on your platform with its own content to present trying.

Always ensure that you are the center of your page. You’re “The” expert, always remember. Option 2: instead of a fictional character for your campaign in the center of your Facebookauftritts. The fictional character looks like a real person all-inclusive status posts, pictures to the Exchange, comment and post on other boards. Any action, taking the fictional character that will appear on the news feeds of all friends, which have accepted the fictional character! The only problem with the creation of a fictional character is that Facebook has tightened the terms and conditions.

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