Sports Cars

Mazda RX-7 – a real sports car with rotary power unit. This car incorporates many advanced technologies the company Mazda. In the beginning of his career car had the name Efini RX-7 and the engine produces 255 horsepower, but with the 1999 model changed its name to Mazda RX-7. Suspension Double Wishbone, mounted on each wheel of this sports car, combined with a system of Toe Control give him excellent driving characteristics. Drawbacks inherent in first-generation model, associated with difficulty in managing at high speeds (due to the use of rear-wheel drive and short wheelbase) had a place to be. Still, the company Mazda has not withdrawn from the assembly line this model. Some time later, a car Mazda RX-7 has undergone significant improvement, thanks to which in 1998 reached the maximum allowable power in Japan, which is equal to 280 horsepower, while management has become easier.

Beautiful Mazda RX-8 was published in 2003. This is a car harmoniously combining the sports coupe's appearance and functionality of the four-door sedan. A distinctive feature of this model is the device body. With a silhouette of a classic sports coupe, the car yet However, accommodates four people. Rather unusual scheme opening rear doors that open against the motion, and the absence of central pillars, provides easy embarkation / disembarkation rear passengers. Long wheelbase framework provides adequate space for legs, not only the front, but rear passengers despite the fact that at first glance at the Mazda RX-8 car with a feeling of tight interior.

Driver's seat has a low position, generating a sporty fit and has lots of options, so it is convenient to a person of any body type. All buttons and controls are arranged so that the driver can easily get to any of them. The front seats are highly ergonomic, so you do not get tired even during long trips. renesis rotary engine brought the car Mazda RX-8 at the highest level in the market of sports cars, and in respect of handling and comfort, this sports car has become one of the best in the world. This is a completely new engine has an output of 250 horsepower. On all models is set or five-speed manual optimal location – at a low altitude over the front axle. Superior maneuverability and handling Mazda RX-8 has acquired due to its low center of gravity and unique location of the transmission.

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