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All their staff are trained in an instant rebuff and to refrain from comment. A month passed with loss of the iPhone 4. The gadget had to settle down in the wording of Gizmodo, has looked at it all, who would, and even those who do not really wanted. And Apple's April 14 letter came via email, which said: Dear Mr. Lang! We have heard information that Gizmodo is a device that belongs to Apple. This letter is a formal request to return the device Apple. Please let us know where and when we can pick up the device.

Sincerely, Bruce Sewell This letter served as the most tangible proof that the device, which it said is really true prototype of the iPhone 4G. But in order to evidence came to light, Mr. Lam, the editor of Gizmodo, had fairly strain. The fact that Apple has until recently been reluctant to acknowledge either the fact of sale, nor that they want it back. Lam practically forced Apple to write a letter to the same conversations were solely on the phone and could not be documented.

Well, iPhone was immediately returned, Gizmodo have described these events in his saga of a lost iPhone, for which several times fell to their server, and it would seem that the incident was closed. But … Jason Chan, editor tehnoblog Gizmodo, returned home on Friday night with his wife. Approaching the house, Jason noticed that the garage door half open, and the front door vzllomana. When he got out to see what was happening, he went to meet Police, who said that the house was searched. Chen was ordered to lay his hands behind his head and searched him for weapons. Then the policeman said that he is not under arrest, but ordered him to stay on street until the search is complete. After about half an hour from the house came with a few police confiscated four computers, two servers and a number of portable flash drives and hard drives. Jason handed inventory of seized items and description of the search. At issue, after which so much attention to his person, Chen said that the search is performed in a case initiated by Apple. The police confiscated all the evidence seized, any way connected with the iPhone 4G: photos, videos and texts. Dzheyston, poor fellow, was without all of their computers, cameras, camcorders and iPad. This is the price of fame. This story is the best confirms to us the image that formed on the Apple in recent years – the secret to the paranoia of the company, laying off its employees at the first suspicion of disloyalty, and until recently did not recognize their mistakes (which, as we all have too many). Is there any connection between the genius of Steve Jobs with his ingenious devices, and its abnormal reserve, passing into a frenzy? PS engineer who forgot the iPhone in the bar was not dismissed because it is very valuable to the company being one of the main software developers of iPhone OS 4. My blog

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